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Strategic Consulting To Scale Your Content Marketing

With nine years of experience running content marketing for some of the largest brands in Indonesia, we understand how it works and believe we can help you scale your own content marketing.

We start with trying to understand your business and customers, asking your customers what they think about your company and industry. From there, we create a strategy that is suitable for you and a game plan to scale your content marketing strategy.

In the final step, we can train your people to keep improving the system so you can have a sustainable result from your content marketing.

  • Understand the Business
  • Understand Customer Perception
  • Research Report + Recommendation
  • Execution Period: 1-2 Months

IDR 6.000.000

  • Content Marketing Playbook Based On Prepwork
  • Bi-Weekly Meeting for Three Months to Evaluate and Give Feedback to Your Content Marketing Execution
  • Adjust the Playbook if Necessary After Three Months

IDR 30.000.000

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