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Modalku Content Marketing

Funding Societies | Modalku is currently one of Southeast Asia’s largest fintech startups. Penulis.ID has been working together with them since their early days under the Modalku brand in Indonesia. Their primary focus is to build the top of the funnel through content marketing on their website.

Key Details

1000+ Content Created

Content Marketing Service
Article Writing Service

Project Details

In the beginning, to kick off their blogs, we worked together with their content team to craft a content marketing strategy suitable for their P2P business. In a few years, we delivered sizeable traffic to the Modalku website. After that, we also work with Funding Societies (their parent company) to create articles for the Singapore and Malaysia markets as well. 

  • 20 Articles
  • 3 Months Expiry Date Duration
  • No Customer Success Support
  • Billed Upfront

IDR 3.600.000

  • 100 Articles
  • 6 Months Expiry Date Duration
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Customer Success Support
  • Billed 50-50

IDR 17.000.000

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  • Understand the Business
  • Understand Customer Perception
  • Research Report + Recommendation
  • Execution Period: 1-2 Months

IDR 6.000.000

  • Content Marketing Playbook Based On Prepwork
  • Bi-Weekly Meeting for Three Months to Evaluate and Give Feedback to Your Content Marketing Execution
  • Adjust the Playbook if Necessary After Three Months

IDR 30.000.000

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your specific needs