YouTube is the new TV for millennials. If brand doesn’t have any presence in the YouTube, they will find it hard to compete in the future. Having presence in YouTube requires different strategy with TV. Integrated strategy with good YouTube content will help brand to increase their presence in YouTube.

Study Case

Raditya Dika has officially become Chief Creative Officer Penulis.ID from September 1, 2018. With a huge number of subscribers, his first focus is to increase Penulis.ID brand equity.

The Problem

Penulis.ID brand equity as content agency in 2018 is very low. Usually, the one who knows about Penulis.ID is only those who work at digital agency or some brands who already work together with us. For those outside the circle, Penulis.ID brand is almost non-existence.
To increase business in the future, Penulis.ID brand equity must be better.

What We Did

To increase brand equity, we create simple content, but still showing what values we have in Penulis.ID. We create story idea and YouTube video “Makan Siang CEO vs Karyawan” and published at Raditya Dika’s channel. The story is very simple. The rich CEO turns out to eat cheap food. Meanwhile, the employee who earn much less, eat expensive food for lunch.
This content is align with Penulis.ID Managing Director’s personal value and just happen to relate with many people in Indonesia. This “humble rich/successful man” approach is taken from President Jokowi playbook.

The Result

“Makan Siang CEO vs Karyawan” YouTube video has been watched by more than 3 million people in YouTube. This video is viral and create new fanbase to our company.
In the first two months, Penulis.ID has received 300 inquiry from leads. We also get 800 resumes to apply for a job in our company. This is way beyond our expectation for “Makan Siang CEO vs Karyawan” campaign.

YouTube Management Package

Scenario Only

  • 5 Story Idea per Week
  • 1 Story Treatment per Week
  • Customer Success Support
  • Minimum order three scenarios

IDR 2.000.000/Scenario

Video Production Only

  • 5 Story Ideas
  • 1 Story Treatment and Scenario (Max 2 Revisions)
  • Including Video Production with Duration up-to 10 Minutes
  • Including Max 3 Ordinary Talents
  • Famous and Additional Talents are not Included
  • Paid Places for Shooting Set are not Included
  • Customer Success Support
  • Minimum Order 3 Videos

IDR 8.000.000/Video

Custom Campaign

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