Study Case


Thanks to Torabika Soccer Championship, now Indonesian soccer is arising. After such a long hiatus, Indonesian people must have been longing to see our national soccer team on the field. People were more than ready to support Indonesian soccer the team in this highest level of soccer competition.

The Problem


The main issue Torabika Soccer Championship faced at that time was how Indonesian people had been longing to experience a sports entertainment from the soccer field. This huge excitement from Indonesian soccer fans also seeped into the digital world.

To fulfil that excitement, Suitmedia, as the official digital agency of Torabika Soccer Championship, asked us to be their social media content partner.

What We Did


Not only did we create daily attractive content, Penulis.ID and some of the experts from Suitmedia also hosted live match report on Twitter and Instagram. Every time there was a Torabika Soccer Championship competition that was broadcasted live on national television, our team also gave a live report from social media. As for the competitions that weren’t broadcasted on national television, Penulis.ID and Suitmedia would still provide information regarding the result and statistic from the competition.

We’re also proud that we could create great interaction with the national soccer teams. We even often exchanged information with the social media manager of Torabika Soccer Championship’s club participants. We tried to catch up with some details of the competitions that we might have missed.

The Result


Our live match report program received a massive response from the national soccer fans. Every post could generate interaction from hundreds to even thousands of fans! Torabika Soccer Championship has now reached tens of thousands of followers on social media.

Because of the huge excitement and interaction, managing Torabika Soccer Championship’s social media handles may become one of the craziest experiences we have ever had. We have a new and much better respect for Indonesian soccer fans for their interactive response to support their favourite team.

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ivokun 1:46 pm May 17th, 2017 Social Media Agency