Our press release team consists of former national journalists. We understand what it takes to produce an attractive press release for media. We don’t just write a promotion content for our clients, but we also treat them as share-worthy news for the loyal readers of the media.


Study Case

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PT Katapedia Indonesia is one of the well-known social media monitoring companies in Indonesia. They provide social media monitoring service and analytics for big companies and political figures in Indonesia.

The Problem



One of Katapedia’s biggest clients comes from political industry. In 2014, Indonesia’s political scene was heated because of the presidential election. There were many political parties that needed Katapedia service. Unfortunately, Katapedia didn’t have that much budget to make people in our political industry turn their heads to them. Long story short, Katapedia’s investor (Right Pulse Ventures) decided to use our service to gain advantage from Indonesia’s political momentum.

WHat We Did


Penulis.ID fully understood that Katapedia didn’t have that much budget to advertise in media. So, to make more and more people aware of Katapedia presence, we took advantage of Indonesia’s political situation. Provided by Katapedia’s technology, we gained some important data about Indonesia’s public opinion towards presidential election. We knew that any media journalist would need this data, so Penulis.ID always wrote a press release before and after the presidential debate between Jokowi and Prabowo took place. We’re proud of the result because more and more people finally recognized Katapedia as data and public opinion provider in social media.

The Result


Katapedia successfully made an appearance in 50 national news outlets, including Kompas and Jawa Pos that are considerably two of the biggest newspapers in Indonesia. Implementing the same strategy, we also collaborated with SWA, one of the biggest business media in Indonesia, to write news about business people and brands that are quite popular in social media. Katapedia made an appearance in 5 editions of SWA magazines.


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