It’s not easy to find good influencers for your brand. Penulis.ID team will help you to craft strategy and execute them together with good influencers to support your marketing campaign. With a good strategy and correct influencer, you will get better return for your marketing dollar.

Study Case

Sahabat Petani is an initiative from Petrokimia Gresik to create community for millennial farmer in Instagram. They create contents to help this young farmer increase their farm return.

The Problem

Sahabat Petani’s team and Penulis.ID realize that farming is “not sexy” for social media. However, we believe there are specific market for millennial farmers who want to study more about farming. We also believe those young farmers want to spread cooler farming lifestyle.
To grow this community, our main focus is to increase Sahabat Petani brand awareness in Instagram.

What We Did

With a clear mission to increase Sahabat Petani brand awareness in Instagram, Penulis.ID find and ask Selebgram who love farming to help us. However, since Sahabat Petani has small budget, the selebgram budget is also very small.
After looking at our selebgram database, Penulis.ID decide to work together with @lulukmd and @dhaturembulan. We ask @lulukmd and @dhaturembulan to create a post for their Instastory. Penulis.ID work together with selebgram to create that specific post.

The Result

With only IDR 2.5 million, Instastory about Sahabat Petani net around 19 thousand Instagram impression. We believe we increase Sahabat Petani brand awareness with that effort. Together with our social media management effort, Sahabat Petani is able to increase their followers by 53%!

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