Since most startups have a limited budget, it goes without saying that startups have to think smarter to allocate their budget. Inbound marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies available for startups. Penulis.ID has enough experience to help startups execute their inbound marketing strategy. Click here for the complete case study.


Study Case


Modalku is a P2P lending fintech startup, a subsidiary company of Funding Societies. Right now, Modalku grows into one of the largest P2P lending fintech startups in Indonesia from the total deployed capital metric.

The Problem


Modalku has two customers: a company that needs a business loan and a retail investor that wants to invest in their P2P platform. Modalku is always trying to increase both customers, and inbound marketing has become one of the most important strategies. They hope to get additional users, both from business and retail investor customers.

What We Did


Working together with Modalku marketing team, Penulis.ID execute their inbound marketing strategy. One of the strategies is to create a blog that can be useful for businessmen and retail investors. This SEO-centric effort is to increase Modalku website traffic, as well as to get new customers for them. Penulis.ID creates many relevant business and investment contents.

We also help Modalku to analyze Google Analytics data. We use that data to create the contents.

The Result


Modalku website traffic increases steadily. Penulis.ID supports them from the very beginning. Right now, Modalku's blog has been visited by hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Penulis.ID is also getting additional assignments to create English content for their parent company, Funding Societies.

Inbound Marketing Package

Start-Up Package

  • Monthly Editorial Plan
  • 100 Articles
  • 6 Months Execution Period
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Customer Success Support
  • 5000 Total Visits Guarantee
  • Billed 50-50

IDR 25.000.000

Business Package

  • Monthly or Bi-Weekly Editorial Plan
  • 200 Articles
  • 6 Months Execution Period
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Customer Success Support
  • 15000 Total Visits Guarantee
  • Billed 50-50

IDR 45.000.000

Custom Package (Corporate and Agency)



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