Since most startups have a limited budget, it goes without saying that startups have to think smarter to allocate their budget. Inbound marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies available for startups. Penulis.ID has enough experience to help startups execute their inbound marketing strategy.


Study Case


ZEN Rooms is a hotel-booking startup owned by Rocket Internet group. Just like any other Rocket Internet’s startups, ZEN Rooms is targeted to dominate Indonesia’s hotel-booking industry with a quick process.

The Problem



Before ZEN Rooms was born, the competition between startups and incumbents in the hotel-booking industry had been very tough. It wasn’t just about delivering high-quality service, but Zenrooms was also required to be aggressive in the marketing area and try every marketing channel available, including inbound marketing.

On the other side, ZEN Rooms also had to build brand awareness for their target market. We found this challenge quite hard to tackle since ZEN Rooms was a relatively new brand. And just like any other new brands, ZEN Rooms hadn’t gained enough trust from their target market.

What We Did


Teaming up with ZEN Rooms’ marketing team, Penulis.ID decided to execute inbound marketing strategy forZEN Rooms. One of the strategies we did was making a travel blog for Indonesia’s market. Not only did it succeed to increase visitors on ZEN Rooms’ website, this travel blog also brought new customers for ZEN Rooms. The strategy was quite simple, though. We just wrote about holiday destinations or any interesting places in Indonesia to visit, then we recommended some nearby hotels they could go to. The hotels we recommended, of course, can be booked via ZEN Rooms.

Besides the travel blog for ZEN Rooms’ internal website, Penulis.ID has also executed different inbound marketing strategy by creating a handful of different blogs to be used as ZEN Rooms’ backlink.

The Result


Gradually, ZEN Rooms’ website visitors were increasing. Some of the articles that used trend-jacking strategy (like that one time when we wrote about holiday destinations in Jogjakarta during AADC2 premiere) had successfully attracted a lot of visitors to ZEN Rooms’ website. The backlink we’ve built using blogs has also started showing a great result in terms of SEO.

This combination between SEO and trend-jacking in ZEN Rooms’ inbound marketing strategy has resulted in a healthy growth for a startup that is funded by Rocket Internet.

Inbound Marketing Package

Start-Up Package

  • Monthly Editorial Plan
  • 100 Articles
  • 6 Months Execution Period
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Customer Success Support
  • 5000 Total Visits Guarantee
  • Billed Upfront

IDR 17.500.000

Business Package

  • Monthly or Bi-Weekly Editorial Plan
  • 200 Articles
  • 6 Months Execution Period
  • Basic Monthly Report
  • Customer Success Support
  • 15000 Total Visits Guarantee
  • Billed 50-50

IDR 35.000.000

Custom Package (Corporate and Agency)



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