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Study Case


Loop is a brand owned by Telkomsel that targets younger segment of their audience. Telkomsel had prepared a massive budget to execute Loop’s brand activation in the digital world.



In 2014, Telkomsel Loop was still quite new in the industry. The fact that they target younger audience is a challenge since Telkomsel itself is more well-known in the executive society.

Loop needed to create a platform to activate their brand and make people aware of their appearance as a brand for youth. They didn’t want people associate them with “old” image because of the name Telkomsel. To resolve that problem, Loop pointed a few digital agencies. One of them was MicroAd Indonesia, our partner. MicroAd Indonesia asked us to help them with this project and create attractive content for young people.

What We Did


Penulis.ID teamed up with some experts from MicroAd and Narrada to create a digital strategy for Loop’s brand activation in the digital world. We wrote almost every article in The articles themselves varied from useful daily tips, youth romance, to mild news—basically anything that we thought would catch younger people’s attention. We also wrote about Loop’s events and promotions for the youngsters. Penulis.ID applied SEO principles in writing every article to get as many web visitors as possible from the search engine, without sacrificing any quality.

Every month, Penulis.ID, MicroAd, and Narrada would analyze the result of our digital execution. We would learn from our mistakes to create a better digital strategy that could achieve Loop’s brand activation target.



After one year of digital campaign execution, it turned out that Loop’s website had successfully attracted one million visitors per month. This gives Loop millions of pageviews ever since.

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