The Client



The largest telco company in Indonesia, Telkomsel, launched new product called Telkomsel Loop. Unlike Telkomsel previous product which targeting more mature audience, Telkomsel Loop focuses more on younger audience.

The Problem


MicroAd Indonesia is our partner to help Telkomsel Loop

Aside from TV commercial and other traditional marketing channel, Loop understands that their main target is internet generation, therefore, they needed to reach them via social media and website. When you are as big as Loop, you need your channel to be filled with tons of contents. Just for the contents, they needed to build a huge team, which was pretty much ineffective.
Telkomsel Loop main agency, Narrada, decided that they needed a help to create perfect content to fill the platform. They reached our agency partner MicroAd Indonesia and worked together to generate interesting contents for their website and reach younger audiences, their audiences.

What We Do



Penulis.ID team is working together with experts from MicroAd and Narrada to create general digital strategy and doing brand activation for Loop brand online. Almost all articles in the are written by Penulis.ID team. We also write event news and special promotion from Loop. We write light news, useful tips, and love stuffs to get engagement from younger audiences. We also apply SEO-principal to increase our chance get traffic from search engine, without compromising quality.
Each month, Penulis.ID, MicroAd, and Narrada analyze the result, learn from mistake, and create better digital strategy to reach Loop brand activation target. We always try to work together with brand and its agencies to deliver better result.

The Result



After 6 months since its first reception, website has reached more than 500k unique visitors per month, giving Loop brand activation millions pageviews. We still try to increase this numbers, as well as visits from SEO and our articles’ shareability rate. This project is still on going until today.


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